Affordable Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons

Many people have heard of Wing Chun Kung Fu courtesy of the IP MAN movies, as well as its most famous practitioner: Bruce Lee. Have you ever had the desire to learn it, but you don’t have a school near you? Or maybe there is one, but you can’t afford it?
Well now both your problems are solved, thanks to Steve Grogan’s Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons, exclusively for sale on!
Steve has studied Wing Chun since 1995, learning from both the Ip Ching and Leung Sheung lineages. Across 4 lessons, he teaches different Wing Chun forms and includes lots of juicy extras. Each lesson is laid out in a Basic, Standard, and Premium package.
SIL LUM TAO: The first form, which introduces the most common hand techniques. Premium package includes these FREE gifts:
                   Centerline theory
                   How wing chun is different from other styles
                   CIRCUIT TRAINING: an ebook on one of Steve’s favorite exercise routines
CHUM KIU: The second form, which introduces pivoting and kicking. Premium package includes these FREE gifts:
                   Increase your power
                   Why Wing Chun favors speed over strength
                   NUTRITION GUIDE: Steve’s guide to affordable, healthy eating
BIU JEE: The third form, which introduces techniques like elbows and finger jabs. Premium package includes these FREE gifts:
                   Chi Sao explained
                   The Straight Blast: what it is and when to use it
                   THE SEARCH FOR THE WARRIOR’S PATH: Steve’s musings on the wide world of martial arts
MOOK JONG: Also known as the Wooden Dummy, this lesson is self-explanatory. Premium package includes these FREE gifts:
                   How to improve footwork
                   Immoveable elbow theory
                   THE BULLY FREE FITNESS GUIDE TO A BULLY-FREE LIFE: the main tome of Steve’s business (currently in the works), Bully Free Fitness, which looks into the phenomenon of bullying and explains how to live bully-free
Check out each individual page for some amazing extra offers, like express delivery, one-on-one Skype time with Steve, and several other cool videos. Start your path to Wing Chun mastery today!